Signs, spirit animals….It’s all part of the bigger unknown

A few days after my mom passed away I was in awe at the sight of a little friend perched on the umbrella I had just opened on our outdoor patio table.  My eyes and her eyes met.. it was the most amazing little grasshopper I had ever seen. It came as a surprise as I had not seen one all summer long and honestly cannot remember the last time I saw one.  We stared at each other for quite some time and I was moved by its presence. This little friend paid a visit to me and I know it was by no means an accident.


Of course I had to look up what this grasshopper may have been trying to tell me. I searched grasshopper signs and spirit animals. Because the internet knows all.. (ha ha), I was touched to read that this friend did have a special message to give me — Grasshoppers don’t jump sideways or backwards. They only jump forwards. It could be telling you to move forward and not look back in life.  While writing this I must share I just got a huge rush of goosebumps. I believe this to be true. My mom was telling me to keep moving forward.  Grasshoppers also can signify taking a huge leap of faith.  How appropriately timed as I follow the call to provide IVF coaching and keep spreading my message.  These cute critters are apparently also known for being a symbol of good luck. “Yes please,” my heart beamed while reading this.

Other messages touched me too. I read that grasshoppers connect and understand sound vibrations. They can represent your inner voice.  Grasshoppers may be telling you to follow your inner voice- again my mom; this is exactly something she would say.

Trust your inner voice.

My mom passed away on August 27th, 2018. I found it so special and symbolic that this night also happened to be a full moon.  It was that evening that I was planning to attend a friend’s full moon gathering.  It sometimes astounds me when I think of the interconnectedness of it all. My mom’s last day, my daughter (who was 11 months old at the time) waving goodbye to her Grammy. Their connection was special. So special in fact I have a book that I had bought for my mom to give Olivia- it’s called “Grandma Wishes.”

3 days before my mom’s passing I had my mom read Olivia, her only granddaughter,  this special book. I recorded her and it’s one of my favorite keepsakes.  I had my mom inscribe it to her and I believe it’s the last thing my mom ever wrote;  “To Olivia, From  Grammy” with a heart drawn by it.


Olivia often brings this book for me to read. It didn’t dawn on me until recently, but another pretty significant event had happened. This time it was the day after my grandmother’s funeral on January 9th, 2019.  I’ll let you know this entry is not meant to be one of “poor me” and all the loss I’ve recently experienced, but it’s one of significance in the joy it’s brought me through signs.

The day after putting my grandmother to rest, my aunt and I looked outside the back door and perched above us was a small but powerful, little owl.  My grandmother’s sign I knew.  (More goosebumps).  I had to look up the meaning and here is a bit what it said according to – “The owl spirit animal is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. The owl offers for those who have it a personal totem the inspiration and guidance necessary to deeply explore the unknown and the magic of life.”  It goes on by saying, “The presence of the owl announces change. The traditional meaning of the owl spirit animal is the announcer of death, most likely symbolic like a life transition, change.”

Life Transitions – Change – The Magic of Life


I have no doubt these 2 spirit animals appeared right in front of me for a reason.  I told my mom I’d still be talking to her long after her physical body would leave this earth. I asked her to give me signs, and she does. They truly appear ALL the time.

Now, this book I got my mom- from her, for Olivia – We continue to read it often, but recently it all hit me. The cover of the book shows a grandmother and her grandbaby… but these are not human figures.. they are OWLS.  I was very close with my grandmother.  Here she is represented along with my mother. Both were grandmothers. I was able to give my mom a granddaughter, I am my grandmother’s granddaughter, and Olivia is the only great-granddaughter to my grandmother. The circle of life.

They were the two most important women who influenced me more than other women in my life. They helped shape me into the person I am.

I had no idea when I found this sweet little book what a profound affect it would have in my life and my healing.  It’s through the tears I find comfort and strength. The tears are because of a deep love for my mom and my grandmother. Their spirits are strong.


Olivia is so wise.. Like an owl. Like a grasshopper.

She definitely has pieces of them in her.  She knows what a special book this is and how much it will be treasured for years to come. I believe she’ll too come to love future visits from these signs just as her mommy does.  You just never know when one may be perched right behind your shoulder.

xo lisa


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