A letter to the woman “in the waiting”

lisa pic - handsTo the woman in the waiting….

That state of uncertainty while going through fertility challenges.  A time when you aren’t quite sure which direction to take. You’re presented with options and you decide with utmost hope and confidence you’ve chosen the right path.

You want something so bad and feel a bit of disappointment when you see how easy it is for others to get pregnant. You think to yourself, WHY?  And even statements like “This just doesn’t seem fair” come to mind. Maybe you waited to find the right partner. Maybe you waited to be more established in your career. Maybe you just couldn’t think of waiting any longer and are going about it without a partner. Whatever your reason, you’re here now. You have heard all the suggestions from everyone (who mean well), on what you can do to help get pregnant, but what you REALLY want them to know they just don’t truly understand. Those of us who’ve gone down this road get it.  We know it can feel lonely, isolating, and at times depressing. We can relate to the emotional, physical and financial strain it places in your life as well as your partner’s life.  There’s a lot of hoping, praying, wishing and a lot, A LOT of tears.  At times it feels like your life is consumed by the process. Various doctors, nurses, techs, phlebotomists, sonagraphers, office staff… It all can seem almost robotic walking into the clinic for your regular blood draws and internal ultrasound checks. Each stage is one where you’re in a state of wonderment- hopefully it’s the good kind of wonderment, but for many it’s the state of wondering, “Will it work this time? What if this doesn’t go right? What happens if x, y, z?”  There’s A LOT of unknown.

What you really want is someone to hold space for you. To vent. To cry. To punch (yes) … Truly a long hug and a compassionate ear mean the world. Less talking and more listening. That’s what we want.  Be Present.

Just BE with me.

Going through the process of infertility testing and IVF myself, I quickly realized the importance of mindset, self care, and the energy I brought to this experience.  It all mattered.  Creating a support network also became a priority.  The personal connections friends shared with me of others who had been through this journey were key, and I had no hesitation in reaching out to them.  My outlook going through the process of testing and extensive medical procedures was one of optimism, one of faith, and one of an inner knowing that I would become a mother in one way or another. I knew that the thoughts I was thinking would affect my reality. I knew that I had to take care of ME.  Doing whatever I needed to stay in an optimal state to weather any storm that came our way was imperative; Man, did we face a lot of storms.

lisa pic blog 2

Looking back I think what’s unique in the approach I took to get through it all was recognizing how all the right supports appeared to me in just the right timing.  Being open was key.  I knew this secret.  It takes daily inner work and self awareness.  From the very beginning of this process I knew I had to be led by my heart.  There were many things out of my control, but there was much much I could control.  I had, what you may call, a “heart roadmap” guiding me through it all.

Where do you find this secret Heart map you may ask?  Well, that is where I come in.

I’m here to help you uncover what is there waiting for you and always HAS been there for you.  I want to help you discover your own Heart map.  Through personalized coaching we explore, we dig, we uncover, we build, we grow.

The coaching I provide is unique in that I utilize my 18+ years as an Occupational Therapist and lifelong practitioner of intentional, creative living to provide you with a holistic support like no other.  I believe in you, and I believe in the power of having someone like myself walk alongside you to help maximize your chances of manifesting your own miracle.  I want you to ultimately reach your personal goal of becoming a mother, but more importantly I want to you to not lose yourself on the way to get there.

I invite you to consider a personal coach to support you on your journey to motherhood. Infertility struggles are not meant to be gone through alone.  It takes a team.  A team of people who have been there, who care, and who have some valuable tools to support you.  I would love to bring more of the “magic” that may be missing from your team, and I invite you to reach out to set up an exploratory call to talk further.  Until then, keep going and know there is someone rooting in your corner for your dream of motherhood to come true.

All my love,

xo Lisa

Happy 40th IVF


Today I learned IVF is celebrating it’s 40thbirthday!  The first IVF baby, Louise Brown, was born on this date.  It’s hard to imagine how revolutionary this procedure was just 40 years ago — So much advancement for reproductive science and a gift of hope for those experiencing infertility.

I’m incredibly grateful for IVF.  Where do I even begin to give thanks for this miraculous procedure?  For my husband and I it was pretty much our only chance at having a biological child of our own.  We went down the road of testing and IUI was not advised for our situation… IVF was it and we put our energy there.

As one starts down the path of IVF it often feels very overwhelming.  One piece of advice I would give others beginning this process is to stay off Google.  You will make yourself crazy looking up everything you possibly can.  My advice to you is DON’T DO IT.  My doctor and even my acupuncturist recommended laying off the computer and to follow  their guidance.  I will say I stuck to that about 90% of the time.

Here’s a little birthday gift to you in honor of this special day-  Be good to yourself and try as much as possible to LET GO. Let go of trying to control everything. Let go (as much as you can) of your fears.  Let go of the negative thoughts running through your mind.  It’s by no means easy- BUT I know from experience that the more you can SURRENDER and put your faith in the belief that “IT’S ALL WORKING OUT FOR MY HIGHEST GOOD,” the more you can relax and actually appreciate the journey.

For the most part I experienced an EASE going through IVF and that is one of my wishes for you.

If you’re the type of individual who is open to new ideas and ready to manifest your miracle, then you’re in the right place.  I’m so passionate about helping those who are willing to join me  – your miracles are waiting for you.

Now, let’s make that WISH!  Happy Birthday IVF.

XO- lisa


Worldwide Reach – a dream coming true

I can’t help but hear the song “How far I’ll go” in my mind.  Thanks to Moana for this catchy song, but truly I feel so inspired!  Looking at the reach my website has done since yesterday and I am BLOWN AWAY-  France, Turkey, Indonesia, the UK, the U.S. Australia, China, & South Africa!  Time to get writing and no better time than the present.

It’s a bit scary putting yourself out there. I’m not gonna lie. BUT the risk is worth it when I think of those I can help serve.  They say there really are no failures in life… just lessons learned to get you closer to where you’re meant to be.  I’m looking at this new endeavor as one where I have the potential to help A LOT of people.  The number of women undergoing infertility treatments continues to grow every year.

IVF is no joke.  No one is really prepared for the amount of Dr. appointments you have, the number of medications, the shots you give yourself in both the abdomen and buttocks, blood draws, ultrasounds, constant monitoring, and Oh did I forget? —  all the fun side effects of the medications – (That’s for another blog), but truly it is a rollercoaster of emotions.  In addition to the “cray cray” there is lots of waiting, and waiting, and more waiting.

How ironic one of my nicknames I received nearly 20 years ago from a dear friend was “Turtle”… It’s all coming full circle now!  I’ve embraced the name lovingly and can’t help but think how appropriate that name was (and still is) for me.  Long and slow… patiently waiting for 2+ years as we went through IVF and various surgeries to prepare my body for our embaby…. Patiently waiting for the “right” time to put up a website.  Well, that turtle kicked into high gear and is going full speed ahead.

Thank you for joining me on this ride.

XO- lisa

What’s calling you?

If you are reading this, I want to first say THANK YOU and welcome!!

Have you felt that tapping on your shoulder to take action on something?  I felt that tap,  which turned into a nudge, which turned from a whisper into a loud “DO IT,” and I couldn’t wait any longer.  That call for me was to start that business, create that blog, and create that website.  Here it is– I’m SO excited.

My intention behind creating “IVF: Manifesting a Miracle” is to fulfill a calling I’ve felt to support other women going through IVF.  As someone who has gone through it I understand the emotional stressors and pain one often experiences going through this process.

Each woman’s path is individual however we all share one common desire….to become a MOTHER.

What I aspire to create is a community where others feel — SUPPORTED, INSPIRED, and EMPOWERED.

You do not need to go through infertilty challenges alone.  No more suffering in silence.

I’ve learned you have more control in this process than you realize.

There is SO MUCH ahead of you and this is just the beginning.


Let me help guide you as your IVF mentor and share some of my personal strategies I used to help manifest our miracle.

I invite you to follow your own calling inside and join me in this journey of a lifetime.

XO- lisa